Thursday, December 23, 2004

CH Steve Satterfield ministering at a Prayer Lunch for the 52d Engineer Battalion, Fall 2004, Ft. Carson, CO Posted by Hello
CH Steve Satterfield (below) "watering" a camel in Kuwait.

CH Steve Satterfield (above right) at Ur, Iraq (see Genesis).
CH Steve Satterfield working for a living in Kuwait, 2003! :)
CH Steve Satterfield preached in Kuwait in his NBC suit.
CH Steve Satterfield played keys for the Contemporary band in Kuwait.
CH Steve Satterfield helped with a baptism in Kuwait.

CH Steve Satterfield (right) with a friend at the chapel in Arifjan, Kuwait, 2003.
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CH Steve Satterfield in Kuwait in OIF1 in 2003. Don't laugh too much at the old school uniform or the glasses! :)

My stuff is on the way to Germany, I've moved out of my house into a hotel room on post, and I'm almost done clearing. I'm looking forward to the Christmas Eve service at New Life Church. It's their first service in their new 8500 seat sanctuary. It's amazing what God has done through Ted Haggard the last 20 years, after he started in the basement of his home. He is the president of the National Assocation of Evangelicals (NAE), who endorse me to be an Army chaplain. I'm still ordained with the Association of Vineyard Churches (AVC). It's hard to compete with New Life, which is like a Vineyard Fri - Sun nites, which is when I've been going. I led a weekly lunch small group for them this year on post.

I'll go to the midnight Christmas Eve service at Wellshire Presbyterian (USA) in Denver, where I grew up, to see some friends. I'll have Christmas lunch with family, then head back to the Springs, since I preach on Sunday. I fly to Germany on the 2nd. I think I'll be able to stay there awhile, so I'll try to visit some religious landmarks. I may go to an NAE conference in Austria over the Martin Luther King holiday. My bosses are also open to me returning to Colombus, OH the 1st week in May for the AVC conference (which happens every 2 years).

I'll be the first chaplain the 2d Military Intelligence (an oxymoron, I know! :)) Battalion in Darmstadt will have, so it'll be a learning process for both of us. I'll probably live on post, and I'll be buying a newer vehicle there, since my 91 Explorer won't pass the rust inspection for shipping. Please pray God's will be done with all of this, as well as for those deployed in Iraq, Afghanistan, Kuwait, etc. My new contact info is below. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Summer 2004:

I had Nate Rees' "Nameless" band play for our Organizational Day. I'm supposed to move to Germany for 3 years in January (probably with a deployment sometime). Pray God's Spirit moves amongst us!

Since I joined the 52nd Engineers the last couple of months, I co-led a Building Strong and Ready Families marriage retreat for 20 couples and their kids. I also did a Prayer Breakfast (where I co-led music) and 100 people showed up. I move to Germany in January, so please keep me in your prayers as I transition.

2017 update: A friend can be heard on and

Thursday, April 01, 2004

I've been back for more than 2 months now. I play keyboards at Christ's Vineyard here in Colorado Springs, CO while I wait to help with a service at Ft. Carson again. I just finished leading a Marriage Retreat for 12 couples and their kids. The Holy Spirit was present in a special way during communion and closing worship. People asked for prayer. I'm planning on doing some prayer lunches in the spring and fall. Pray God brings people to Christ this Easter season, through The Passion, etc.!

Monday, January 19, 2004

We're back at Ft. Carson, CO, USA - yay! I work out of Provider Chapel. If you want to see free pictures of my OEF OIF deployment, go to

You can see some of my Powerpoint sermons by going to

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