Tuesday, December 02, 2003

As we prepare to leave in about a month and a half, I was asked to reflect on everything that has happened. When SPC Whiteaker and I arrived in January, we reported to CH (LTC) Linnear and CH (MAJ) Kilgore. They started the services in the Zone 2 Dining Facility, then moved them to the chapel tent that was next door. I started playing the electronic keyboards for services. Before this, they were using an electronic hymn player. I remember one Sunday for the gospel service we had to be in our gas masks before the service started. You don't do that every day!

We worked out of the secure building at Arifjan. I was the garrison chaplain for a month. CH Kennedy and SGT Wingfield joined us from Ft. Carson, so they took over the garrison chaplain position. As the permanent chapel opened up, I remember praying with CH Kennedy in it, asking God to bless what we did. Soon the chapel was busy with services, as was the chapel tent, which moved to the other end of Zone 2. Soon the gospel service had to move to the theater, because it was so popular. Last month, SPC Whiteaker and I became the Unit Ministry Team with the most time on the ground at Arifjan. It's been interesting seeing all the changes. God has been great!